Duckling gets stuck in trash, women capture rescue on camera

Duckling gets stuck in trash, women capture rescue on camera

If you are one of those people who thinks that it's okay to throw your trash anywhere you want listen up.

Someone almost killed a little duck at an Omaha lake, but after the quick actions of two women the duckling is alive.

The whole thing was caught on camera by Nicole Rehmert and Sara Montgomery.

They were fishing at Standing Bear Lake when they saw a duckling struggling in the water.

Rehmert said, "Our hearts just broke for this little duck because you could hear it squealing...we tried to just go over and see what his little leg was stuck on and his leg was actually like completely upright. It was so sad.”

Montgomery said, "We noticed eventually that it was a fishing line that it was caught on...we wanted to help and not leave it just stranded."

After about 30 minutes of work cutting and untying the fishing line the duckling was finally free.

In the video the women took Rehmert said, "This is so sad, just all this string is just chilling in the water. No one really cares, but little baby ducks are having their legs borderline cut off because of this."

Greg Wagner, information officer for the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, said, "That monofilament line has a long shelf life and will remain in the water to tangle something or someone for some time."

Leaving fishing line, pop cans and other trash lying around doesn't just affect wildlife. Wagner says it can also hurt pets and people.

Wagner said, "We've had a lot of pets that have gotten tangled up as well, as well as people that might be wading or wade-fishing.”

His message to those who fish is to “clean up your act. Make every effort to retrieve that monofilament fishing line and those bait containers. Leave the area better than you found it."

As for Montgomery, she said, "I love nature. I love animals. God gave us earth and we need to respect it."

The Nebraska Game & Parks Commission says if you're caught littering you'll pay. It's a $100 fine plus $49 in court costs.

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