Early voting reaches all-time high in Douglas County

People voting early at Douglas County Election Commission on October 26, 2016

More people in Douglas County are voting early than ever before.

Workers at the election commission office say 77,000 thousand cast their ballots early in 2012.

This year it's about 85,000 and workers say they expect about 90,000 to cast their votes by Friday.

Shirley Hall said, "We were surprised to see that there were so many people out here today."

Hall was at the election commission on Wednesday to cast her vote early. The line was almost out the door.

It's the last week for people to register to vote for the November election. While some were registering at the election commission others dropped off their ballots or cast their vote early inside the building.

Barb Dineen said, "It always feels good. I've never missed an opportunity."

Dineen is talking about the opportunity to have her voice be heard, something she says is important for everyone especially this year because of who and what's on the ballot.

Dineen said, "There's so many things people are concerned about with the immigration laws, the death penalty."

She says voting early is always easier, but she believes certain issues on the ballot and the presidential nominees is what's motivating people to vote early.

Dineen said, "I think there are people who really want someone who's going to make them feel safer."

Hall believes voting “is very important as a citizen...I'm just excited to finally get it over with."

The last day to register to vote is Friday. It's also the last day to request an early voting ballot to be mailed.

Voters can still vote in person at the election commission until November 7th.

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