Eppley travelers happy with this year's holiday boom

Eppley travelers happy with this year's holiday boom

"No delays, no waits, no nothing," said Marilyn Rickley, who just got back from Orlando Sunday. "They prepare for crowds."

She and her family left for Florida on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Now they were among the crowds at Eppley Airfield.

"It's definitely been a lot busier this Sunday than most Sundays," said a worker at the airport.

For some, it wasn't all smooth sailing.

"They re-booked us through another flight and as it worked out," said one man. "We're on the same flight with our daughter through Atlanta so it actually worked out pretty well."

"This was a relatively easy flight it was only about an hour," said another man who just got off a flight from Denver.

"Coming back, it seemed like everybody was coming back this weekend," said a woman from Omaha.

Still standing in the airport, Rickley said, "we've had more trouble when it wasn't supposed to be crowded."

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