Experts Show How To Prevent Phone Damage in Cold Weather

Preventing phone damage in cold weather

OMAHA (KPTM)-- The freezing temperatures Sunday night in Omaha are a risk not only to your health, but also to your phone. Just exposing it to cold weather can run down the battery and even crack it.

"A drop that may not cause any damage on a beautiful sunny day could cause quite a bit of damage on a four degree day," said technology expert Jason DeWater.

DeWater said the battery drops much quicker as the temperatures drop below freezing. He said there are several ways to prevent these damages, and the potential costly repairs.

The best way to keep a phone, or any device, warm is to put it in the breast pocket of a coat. Also, wearing 'texting gloves,' a type of glove that has a stronger grip and shows the fingertips prevents the risk of dropping it.

He said leaving any type of device in your car increases the chance of cracking. He said leave the phone aside until it hits room temperature.

'Just the act of waiting 10 min and putting your phone on the kitchen table, and allowing your phone to reach room temperature, could possibly save your phone damage," DeWater said.

Experts said that having a water resistant phone case can save money on a repair in case you do drop your phone in the snow.

For more tips, and possible repair options click here.

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