Experts weigh in on winter season safety prep

Experts weigh in on winter season safety prep

A mechanic, landlord and fire fighter all gave their input in getting ready for the winter season.

Auto technician John Thompson said making sure you have good tires is essential.

"You know the old penny trick is one way to tell how good a tread your tire has on it," said Thompson. "It's always good to stop by and get your battery checked out."

He said to check your antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid.

"It never hurts to have it looked over and make sure you're all set," said Thompson.

Keller Williams realtor Jan Nicola owners rental properties in the area.

"I let all tenants know to replace the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at this time," said Nicola.

She makes sure there are detectors on each floor and the carbon monoxide detector is near a gas appliance.

If deadly odorless, colorless gas comes from the furnace, the alarm will sound.

"I want a safe home for all my tenants," said Nicola.

Fire captain Will Linger of the Papillion Fire Department also had some input on wintertime safety.

"A common response for fire departments is to respond to chimney fires," said Capt. Linger. "If left unattended that fire can make it's way into the attic of the home."

He said to burn hard woods like oak in a fire place, and not sappy woods like pine.

"There are a lot of community helpers out there willing to assist homeowners to figure out a way to keep your home safe," said Linger.

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