Family of Andrew Peek speaks out after he was shot at a gas station

    Family of Andrew Peek speaks out after his was shot at a gas station

    OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-Andrew Peek, 27, was shot and killed doing something we all do. He was getting gas when he was shot. Friends and family members are trying to remember the good times.

    "He was actually a pretty quiet guy," Joseph Gale. He's Peek's cousin.

    Omaha Police say they got the call at six Sunday morning about a shooting at the Buckey's gas station on 30th and Dodge. When police arrived, they found Peek on the ground between the gas pumps.

    "I can remember when he was a little kid, growing up and never would have thought at 27 this would happen."

    Medics took Peek to the hospital, but it was too late. He died just after getting there.

    "It pisses me off, like I said, you can't go to the gas station and just get gas without someone doing something stupid."

    Gale says Peek didn't even get to celebrate his birthday this year. Peek would've been in 28 in just a few weeks.

    "Too many ways young people are passing away."

    Monday afternoon, pastors and community leaders held a prayer walk for Peek. They all met at the gas station where he was shot.

    "He would help you out, but he was passive to trouble, he didn't like trouble."

    Antwan Lovejoy appeared in court Wednesday morning.

    The court says Lovejoy will be held without bond.

    He is set to be back in court next month.

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