Family of boy killed in 2001 fire says officials are not doing enough to solve arson case

Family of boy killed in 2001 fire says officials are not doing enough to solve arson case

Rick and Robine Morehouse say even after all these years, the feelings are still raw.

"It just gets easier to deal with, but it never goes away," said Rick Morehouse.

They are the father and step mother of two adorable and once inseparable twins.

"They were such good boys," said Robin Morehouse.

Back in March 2001, Rick says he got home from work when the truly unthinkable happened.

"I get a knock on the door from the Harlan police department to tell me what was going on," said Morehouse.

The officer was there to tell him that one of his twins died in a fire in what used to be known as the town of Kent, Iowa.

It's the home where the twins and their biological mom stayed.

Not until Rick actually got down to the burned house did he found out it was little Ricky Morehouse who was gone.

"I had nightmares for the first week and [Robin] said i'd be dead asleep and i'd still be crying."

They say the only thing that gets them through the day is reflecting on the short time they had with Ricky.

"He was bigger than Reggie so he would like to pick on Reggie quite a bit, said Robin Morehouse. "That was the worst thing he did, otherwise he was perfect. He loved his grandpa and he loved cows. His first word was cow."

The property where that house once stood is now just a pit of garbage.

Rick and Robin say what happened here was just the very start of a nightmare that's still going on today.

The Iowa Fire Marshall's office says the fire was an arson.

I reached out to the baby[s birth mom to see what she went through that day.

She did agree to an interview, but not until she could get a lawyer to sit in on our conversation.

I first reached out to her on April 9th.

She still hasn't agreed as of the publish date of this story, on May 23, 2018.

But she did send a text messsage asking me to provide my questions to her.

Fox42 news refused to do that.

Morehouse blames the Union County attorney for the stalled case.

"I think that Tim Kenyon knows that they seriously screwed up then, and it's why he doesn't want to do anything now."

On the Union County's website, it says the county attorney's duty is to prosecute all violations of state criminal laws and county ordinances." remember the state Fire Marshal says this fire is arson.

"I don't think anything will ever happen until he's out of office," said Morehouse.

I spoke with union county attorney Tm Kenyon over the phone.

He wouldn't go on camera, but did tell me that the case does remain "open" even if it is considered a "cold case."

"There's not sufficient evidence with this file at this point in time to go forward with a criminal prosecution," said Stew Lengejorgan.

A special agent said the agency just needs new information to get things going.

"It's an inactive case. We have it listed as closed.. As with any death investigation.. It's never 100 percent closed, we've kind of exhausted all leads at this point, but if there was new information regarding the case that would give us new leads to follow, we would open it back up and make it an active investigation."

Also involved in the case is Union County sheriff Rick Piel.

He also wouldn't speak to us, but rather referred us back to the county attorney.

Robin Morehouse says it's just one endless loop.

"It breaks my heart," she said.

"Ricky deserves justice," said Rick Morehouse.

Until then. they say they will cling to the photos and memories they have, and remember the two short years they spent with a boy they call an angel.

"We just want closure," said Rick Morehouse.

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