Food deliveries spike as metro temperatures slump

Food deliveries spike as metro temperatures slump

Over at Varsity Sports Cafe in Dundee, general manager Jennifer Clark says with the shift in temperatures, she's noticed a shift in customers.

"The past few days in the evening time our delivery sales have increased quite a bit," she said.

Three to four more delivery orders each night, is what Clark says she's counted.

"It really is a trade-off because people don't like to go outside when it's so cold," she said.

It's pretty much the same story at Valentino's on Leavenworth.

The shop's manager Matt McLaughlin says in this cold snap, the number of customer pick-ups hasn't changed, but there's been a spike in delivery orders.

"People like hot food when it's cold out," said McLaughlin.

Clark says when it's cold, it really comes down to one thing.

"People want to stay at home where its warm have nice comfort food," said Clark.

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