Four people hurt in what police call drive by shooting by Fontenelle Park


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Several people are recovering after getting shot outside of an apartment building in north Omaha by Fontenelle Park. Now, the search is on for those responsible for the crime.

It happened at about 2:30 P.M. near 48th and Boyd Streets. Omaha police are calling it a drive by shooting and probably gang related.

"It's just frustrating," said Mark Robinson, who is tired of the violence.

For Robinson, that's an understatement. According to police, four people were hurt in Wednesday's shooting.

"People just need to grow up."

Police are now searching for at least two people. We're told one of them had a silver gun in his hand.

"It's irritating for these young guys to be out here with these guns thinking that these guns are making them tough, but really it's just making them weaker."

According to Omaha police, of the four people that got hurt one of those people was shot in the head. Police say that person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Now, the search is on for clues that will crack this case.

"There were several witnesses that did stand by and rendered aid and were cooperative with the officers," said Jake Ritonya, a lieutenant with the Omaha Police Department.

As for Robinson, he's pleading for the violence to stop.

"There's nothing that serious for people to pull up and shoot innocent people."

Police say they do have surveillance video they can turn to. That's something they'll review as they try to piece together this case.

Currently, they're looking for a vehicle described as a four-door Pontiac Sunfire sedan. It's either green or blue in color.

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