#GainingWeightIsCool: Fitness trend ditches scale

Screenshot of Gaining Weight Is Cool Instagram post

PORTLAND, Ore. — If you've ever wanted to throw your scale out the window after a workout, you'll love this story.

A fitness trend being hashtag #GainingWeightIsCool is sweeping social media recently. It focuses on feeling healthy and happy following your workouts -- and not relying on a scale to measure success. It was started by blogger Arianna Dantone, and is now embraced by thousands of women.

Sarah Dunkin used to use those numbers to measure her success in the gym. But about 18 months ago, she ditched the scale and decided to focus on how she was feeling: healthy and beautiful, even if the scale told her she was heavier.

"There's definitely a different lens that I look at my through and it's through strength and muscles rather than skinny and thin," Dunkin said.

Many Weaver owns Crossfit TS in NE Portland, where she has spent a lot of time convincing women bulking up isn't bad.

"When somebody steps on the scale and they're training and their weight has increased, it should be a mindset of, 'Great, I've gained more muscle!'" Weaver said.

Dunkin said she feels fulfilled after overcoming unhealthy eating and exercise habits, which she hopes to pass on to her daughter.

"I am so happy to be surrounded by women who embrace their body and recognize we are all, we all look different ... we all are beautiful in our ways and our body shapes and sizes and feel empowered by more than just what the scale says," Dunkin said.

It's always a good idea to talk with a trainer or nutritionist before you decide to switch up your fitness routine. It's important to learn how to lift properly and not push yourself too hard if you're suddenly trying to gain weight and muscle.

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