Giant potholes, tire tracks in yards causing concern in north Omaha


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - People in a north Omaha community are looking for answers. They want to get rid of giant potholes consuming their neighborhood. Those neighbors are now fed up. We're also told drivers are going to the extreme just to get around the potholes.

"It's really bad," said Terence Turner, who calls north Omaha home.

Turner's concern is about potholes that look more like craters. Those are located near 56th Street and Camden Avenue.

"The holes are so deep."

For drivers, getting through this stretch of road is like playing a game of chess. Every move requires careful consideration.

"It's horrible. All of this will take out somebody's transmission. You're talking thousands of dollars in repairs."

Turner told FOX 42 News Tuesday the road along 56th Street has been in bad shape for a long time. He wants something done about it.

"It just gets worse and worse."

Neighbors say there are so many potholes on that one stretch of road that drivers are having to cut through yards. There are tire tracks to prove it.

"The city needs to step up and help us out with this. We pay taxes."

That help might be hard to come by. According to Omaha city engineers, neighbors may have no choice but to band together to find a solution on their own. We're told there are plenty of substandard streets and fixing them all would cost millions of dollars.

That's not the answer Turner wants to hear and he doesn't like the fact winning a pothole claim against the city is so hard, but city attorneys argue Omaha is protected under state law.

"Essentially, there's a very limited circumstance in which the the city would be liable for paying for potholes."

That's because the law gives the city the power to determine whether or not there's a problem.

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