Glamorous cat only salon


Jenny Christopherson has always been an animal lover, which sparked her interest working in the field. But after six years of working with all animals she knew cats were her forte.

Christopherson opened the first cat only grooming salon and hotel in Omaha.

It comes with a simple name: Cat Grooming by Jenny.

She does all aspects of grooming, even those dino-cuts that are so popular on Facebook.

She has even caught tumors the pet owner didn't when she cuts hair.

Her hotel is luxury from top to bottom with enclosed, private rooms with all the things a cat could want; including a play room with a TV that plays nature scenes.

Christopherson said the key to good cat grooming is being comforting to that cat, and fast.

You can find her shop off 132nd and Q.

Click here for more information on scheduling an appointment with Jenny

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