Group makes kits for cancer patients


"Project Pink'd" is a group that knows all too well the dangers of breast cancer.

So it has made it's mission to give those suffering a little peace of mind by making kits.

It's called "Healing Hearts," and the kits come in three different types.

When someone is going through breast cancer they deal with radiation, chemo and surgery.

Every kit is specially created for each of those trials.

But what makes these kits different from others is the people that make them and the cost.

Shawn McCarville's mother died from breast cancer when Shawn was just six years old.

And since then she has made it her life to spread awareness and help those who are going through what her mother went through.

Another unique trait of "Project Pink'd" and "Healing Hearts" is that the kits are free.

The group believes those who need the kits are already going through the most difficult time in their lives, so they make sure every kit a patient receives is free of charge.

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