Health Center prepares to lay off employees at Native American reservation


    The government shutdown is majorly impacting Native Americans, including the Omaha tribe. Starting next week, the Carl T. Curtis Health Center that is federally funded will have to make the decision of who to lay off.

    For one man, his concern comes to where his grandmother will receive her insomnia medication.

    "The reservation is federally funded around here so everything is going to be impacted," said Jordan Cline. "It's going to impact her medication because she needs to go to sleep."

    sydney: "do we close or do we serve our people, we have to make that tough decision."

    The CEO of the Carl T. V Curtis Health Center in Macy said employees may be forced to turn away people like Cline's grandmother if the government isn't back up by Monday.

    The center relies on reimbursements from the government and helps around 70 patients inside.

    "For the rest of the administration, we'll have to cut our hours or lay off,"" said Sydney Bird. "And if we do that we're going to have a skeleton crew."

    With the nursing home and dialysis facility, she said cutting back is difficult.

    "We're playing a juggling game here and we're dealing with lives. We're not dealing with just services, we're dealing with lives."

    She doesn't know how long the shutdown will last but knows people getting sick won't stop because of it.

    "We have health issues out there and now with the flu season, where are our people going to go if we have to shut our doors?"

    Representatives at the health center told me that there hasn't been any final decisions yet on who to let go during the shutdown, that discussion will be happening by Friday is the shutdown lasts.

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