Help for central Iowa: People in Omaha come together to lend a hand


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - One day after severe weather devastated parts of central Iowa, volunteers are already helping out. From loading up supplies to delivering them, a lot of work has been done. Everything from bleach to mops to work gloves have been sent out.

"This is what we live for. This is what we do," said Pete Hoskin, who drove a truck to deliver some of those supplies. "We try to bring some comfort in a time of chaos."

Chaos broke out Thursday. Tornadoes ripped through cities within one hour of Des Moines. Hoskin drove the truck to Marshalltown Friday from the Salvation Army.

"As many say, we are the first on the ground and the last to leave in a disaster situation, so this is very important to us."

The tornadoes Thursday are a reminder that severe weather can happen anytime and anywhere. With that in mind, the American Red Cross says it can be crucial for you to go to a blood drive and give blood.

"We do see a lot of people who want to give blood in a disaster," said Samantha Pollard, a spokesperson for Red Cross blood services.

Pollard says giving is important because you never know when somebody somewhere might need the help.

"People need it all year, so we collect it every day. That includes holidays."

Particularly valuable is O-Negative blood.

"It's the universal blood donor type. That means anybody can receive that blood."

Back at the Salvation Army, supplies are still needed to help with relief work. We're told work gloves are especially helpful. Volunteers will need them if they're going to help pick up debris in central Iowa. If you have some gloves, you're urged to drop those off at the Salvation Army's 36th and Cuming Street building.

The Salvation Army is also accepting money donations. If you would like to give, click here:!/donation/checkout

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