Here's how you can check road conditions before leaving home

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    Some of the biggest hassles that come with any snow storm in Omaha are the roads.

    We've all been there: thinking it's been enough time for plows to hit your neighborhood, then heading out and suddenly getting stuck on a hill.

    The city of Omaha does have a neat tool to try to keep that from happening.

    live plow tracker.JPG

    The live plow tracker (or DOGIS snow operations) lets you see exactly where plows are at any given time.

    It also lets you track exactly where plows have treated, which roads are starting treatment, and which ones still need some attention.

    On a statewide level, the Nebraska 511 website and app lets you check cameras on the interstates and highways, see where crashes are located, and gives you an idea on how much ice or snow is on the road.

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