How to keep your pets from running away this July 4th

Nebraska Humane Society said it sees a double of incoming pets each year around the time of July 4th.

And this year is no different said NHS.

Pam Wiese with NHS said already the shelter has seen dozens of pets being turned in after running away because of the loud bangs and booms of fireworks.

But there are ways to keep your pets from running away this holiday weekend.

NHS said it's best to bring all your pets inside during firework shows.

But even inside, your pet could be spooked from the noise and the flashes so NHS said to keep them in an insulated room with no windows.

Making their area comfortable by bringing in their bed or toys is another way to keep them calm.

Herbal remedies and thundershirts are more ways to keep them calm once inside your home.

NHS said when taking your pet out to the bathroom always keep them on a leash.

The shelter also said even if your pet doesn't show reactions to fireworks never bring them to firework shows.

If you pet does run off go into the Nebraska Humane Society and check their lost and found department.

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