Vice President Mike Pence promotes federal tax cuts and praises Republican leaders in Iowa

    Vice President Mike Pence addressing a Des Moines crowd Wednesday, August 15, during an event promoting federal tax cuts. (Caroline Cummings)

    Vice President Mike Pence returned to Iowa on Wednesday to promote federal tax cuts and other Trump administration policies, but the event also became a rally around Republican leaders in Iowa facing voters at the ballot box this fall.

    “America is back and we’re just getting started," said Pence to a crowd of about 250 roaring with cheers, reminiscent of Trump's signature campaign rallies and those he's held in his first year and a half in office.

    Pence was in Des Moines to tout the federal tax cuts, his 24th stop on his "Tax Cuts to Put America First" tour around the country. These federal tax cuts were just one part of Pence's message that President Trump has kept his promises, listing tougher immigration policy, nominating conservatives to the U.S. Supreme Court and pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord among them.

    “In the year and a half since we took office I think there’s only one way you can sum it up: It’s been a year and half of action and it's been a year of promises made and promises kept," said Pence.

    In addition to promoting Trump's policies, Pence made the case for Republican leaders on the ballot like Governor Kim Reynolds, who introduced the vice president before his remarks.

    “To be honest with you, I’m kind of glad I’m not governor of Indiana anymore and have to compete with Governor Kim Reynolds," Pence said, highlighting parts of what he called Reynolds successful record as the state's chief executive.

    He also encouraged those in the room to get out and vote for incumbent Congressman David Young, a Republican from the Third District, whom he joined at a campaign fundraiser before the tax cuts event.

    Young and Congressman Rod Blum of the First District, face tough races in the fall that could have national implications, a reality not lost on the vice president.

    “It would be important to re-elect congressman David Young just on the merits of his leadership but there’s no question that Congressman Young’s district and that election may be one of the elections that may decide control of the Congress," Pence said.

    The Iowa Democratic Party and activists protested outside Pence’s visit saying the Trump administration’s policies are hurting American families. While Pence encouraged the crowd inside to vote for Republicans in Iowa, Iowa Democrats outside vowed to put progressives in office come November.

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