Jail escape leads to car chase across state lines

Car chase involving escaped inmate ends near I-480 South ramp

Officials say two Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s deputies who were shot on Monday weren’t the only victims.

Pottawattamie County Sheriff Jeff Danker says Wesley Williams Correa Carmenaty shot a man while trying to steal his car.

He also kidnapped a woman and stole her car.

Deputies say it all started near 16th & Big Lake Road where Carmenaty tried to car jack a man's pickup truck.

Deputies say Carmenaty shot the man once, got back into a stolen transport van and kept going.

Shaun Lucero said, "We seen a white van just fly past us."

"It's a little scary, but the world is scary,” said Alma Brewer.

These people were near where Carmenaty wrecked the stolen van in Council Bluffs.

Deputies say he then kidnapped a woman who stopped to see if anyone needed help. He forced her back into her car and they drove away.

Deputies say he drove into Omaha and let the woman go.

Omaha police were then called and the chase continued.

Omaha police say Carmenaty tried to get on to to the I-480 South ramp, but he was stopped when he crashed into a brick wall.

Deputies say the man who was shot was taken to a hospital. He's going to be okay.

They say the woman who was kidnapped was not hurt.

Omaha police say Carmenaty did not put up a fight when he was taken into custody.

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