January 2018 Jefferson Award winner: Jennifer Sommer

    January 2018 Jefferson Award winner: Jennifer Sommer

    OMAHA,NEB(FOX42KPTM)-One Omaha woman serves as bereavement companion for families who've loss babies.

    Jennifer Sommer always wanted to work in sports management, but life had other plans for her.

    "We could have never ever prepared for something like this or imagine something like this would happen," Sommer said.

    She had three miscarriages. The journey she took alone encouraged her to be a wave of support for other mommies.

    "After the loss of Joy, our second baby, there was just no question that this is what I'm suppose to do and work with loss families and I can't imagine doing anything different ."

    She created her own group called "Healing Embrace."

    "Working with these families and serving alongside them is very healing," she said. "It's really an honor being able to walk up to that mom in that hospital and hold her hand and just say I'm sorry, I'm a loss mom too."

    She makes care packages for grieving families all over the country and teddy bears that are the actual weight of those babies. The care, compassion, and work Sommer puts into each family doesn't go unnoticed.

    "My son and I both just look back in awe of passion that pours out of her for each family. The fact that she's able to be so strong during these times of other people losing children," Andy Sommer said. He's Sommer's husband.

    Hundreds of messages and letters pour in from families everyday. Even a thousand miles away, she continues to share the same pain with families.

    "Our support never stops so even if a family lost their baby a few years ago they can still reach out to us and share how they're feeling and know someone will talk to them," she said.

    Do you know someone who's going above and beyond to serve their community?

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