Law enforcement changes tactics to battle opioids

Law enforcement changes tactics to battle opioids

Thursday morning Nebraska State Patrol, the DEA, United States Attorney Joe Kelly and many other national agencies came together in Omaha to discuss ways to combat the ongoing opioid crisis.

Nebraska is one of the largest in opioid overdoses but hundreds of pounds of Fentanyl and other illegal drugs flow through the Cornhusker state each year.

Thursday's meeting talked about the two men indicted for possession of 118 pounds of Fentanyl but also how to prevent this from happening again.

NSP Troop A is now using a new tactic when conducting traffic stops.

Trooper Jeremiah Foster said starting a dialogue with the driver and asking him/her questions reveals a lot more than just asking for drivers license and registration.

NSP Lieutenant Matt Sutter said this new form of communication has shown to be much more beneficial in catching the bad guys sooner.

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