Lemonade stand back on its feet after robbery


Twelve year old Henry and his younger brother opened up a lemonade stand Tuesday.

Henry said he wanted to raise a little bit of money for an upcoming family vacation.

But two teenage thieves thought otherwise.

According to Henry the two boys came up to him and asked for some lemonade.

Henry said he sold it to them and the boys threw a 100 dollar bill at him and then took all the earnings from the stand.

But that 100 dollar bill was a fake.

Henry's mother took to social media to let everyone know what had happened to her two young sons.

Omaha was outraged by the theft of a young boy selling lemonade.

Henry opened his lemonade stand back up Wednesday afternoon and the crowd was enormous.

Dozens of people came by to buy some of Henry's lemonade.

Some even came by just to donate.

Henry's mother said his stand raised over 700 dollars Wednesday.

Henry said since his stand was able to raise so much more than expected he plans on donating some to charities.

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