Main Road To Reopen Near Shopping Center, Businesses Hope For Change

Caiti Blase

COUNCIL BLUFFS (FOX42KPTM) - Tuesday can't come fast enough for some Council Bluffs businesses. After about a year a main road into Metro Crossing Shopping Center will open up again.

Employees at some of the businesses at Metro Crossing say it's been a frustrating year for them. When the main road closed they say fewer people came in.

Now with the road reopening they are hoping the cash registers will be busy again.

"It does hit home a little bit because this is how I put food on my table. This is how I provide for myself."

Supervisor Jordan Charland says it was last year around June when traffic at Pizza Ranch changed.

"When the construction started we could tell that it really slowed down."

Charland says the closing of the main road in Metro Crossing and other construction in the area is the cause behind the slow down.

People working at Orange Leaf feel the same way.

Assistant Manager Danielle Jones said, "It's been crazy. When it first started business went down. Our weekends were still pretty busy, but during the week it was pretty slow."

But on Tuesday the main road into the shopping center will open up once again.

Jones said, "A lot of people aren't going to be so frustrated with how long it's taking to get through here and how long it takes to get out of here as well."

Jones says business should return to normal.

"I think we're all going to be really happy it's going to be all done and over with."

While people will have an easier time getting into the center places along I-29 near Metro Crossing will close.

"It's going to take some time to adjust to it and to figure out the new routes that they're going to have us going, especially if one way is going to be different that the other way and everyone's used to how the construction has been," said Jones.

Construction in the Council Bluffs area may bring more frustrations for drivers and businesses, but Charland says it will all be worth it.

"There may be a little rough spots on the way, but the grand picture in the end is going to be best."

Construction crews are going to start shifting traffic Tuesday night. More changes are ahead for Council Bluffs roads, but employees at Pizza Ranch and Orange Leaf both say the businesses will stay strong.

Employees at Orange Leaf also say as the construction was going on there were a lot of crashes.They hope by reopening the main road there will be fewer crashes.

Iowa Department of Transportation officials say drivers should expect closures on the I-29 southbound on and off ramps on Tuesday night at the U.S. 275/Iowa 92 Interchange (Exit 47).

Crews will start to shift the westbound traffic on U.S. 275/Iowa 92 from the eastbound lanes to the new westbound lanes at 6 p.m.

Drivers who want access on or off the interstate in this area should find an alternate route from 6-9 p.m.

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