Major comeback for one business after storms in June

Major comeback for one business after Nebraska's storms in June

SPRINGFIELD,NE(FOX42KPTM)-It's been six months since tornadoes and strong winds swept through parts of Nebraska. They left behind a mess for people to clean up. Half of one business was wiped out.

"Over the last several months things have become a bit of a drag," Jim Shaw said. He owns Soaring Wings Winery & Brewery.

He spent those months trying to get his business back in place.

"I didn't realize it would take us this long."

Back in June, powerful storms tore through his winery.

"One of the biggest storms that ever hit this area."

It damaged the outside of the building, his crops and destroyed the stage.

"The stage is critical to us, we do a lot of concerts here," Shaw said. "These events bring in a lot of money."

He had to cancel some events so he loss a lot of money.

"Total damage has been just under half a million dollar."

Months passed and crews got to work.

"We got all our roof structure repaired," he said. "We're getting ready to replace the steel on the back of the building."

Shaw's main concern is making sure the stage is repaired.

"This stage reconstruction is a major milestone."

As he looks back on that day, he says he is thankful for one thing.

"The best thing that out of everything that happened, nobody was hurt, this is just money and things."

Shaw tells FOX 42 that his end goal is to have the stage ready by spring. It will be just in time for outdoor events.

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