Man arrested in string of sexual assaults dating back to 1996

Robert Frazier

A man who police say might be linked to a string of sexual assaults dating back to 1996 has been arrested.

On April 1, officers responded to a sexual assault in the area of 16th and Nicholas.

Officers were given very few details regarding the suspect but were given a first name and physical description that included a unique facial description.

Detectives in the Special Victims Unit were aware of a similar description given by victims of incidents occurring in 2011 and began searching for suspects who may match the description.

Officers were able to identify a possible suspect as Robert Frazier, 54, and were able to obtain a court order for collection of a DNA sample.

Through laboratory testing, Frazier could not be excluded as a contributor to DNA evidence identified during the investigation and Frazier was arrested for the sexual assault.

Investigators searched for similar reports that may include the same suspect description and entered evidence from the April 2018 sexual assault into an FBI database for possible matches.

The DNA from the 2018 assault matched sexual assaults dating back to 1996.

Detectives continued their investigation and were able to arrest Frazier on four past sexual assaults in which Frazier cannot be excluded as a possible contributor.

Three of the assaults occurred in April 2011 and one in May 2006.

Unfortunately, police say at least three other possible victims have since died and/or the statute of limitations has expired.

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