Man caught on camera dumping 'symbolic' pile of dirt at Ralston shop

RALSTON, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Candle shop owner Alex Fernandez spent part of the afternoon reviewing his security footage.

"When we came in Sunday to open up, we noticed there was a pile of what looked like sand or dirt on the mat in front of our doorstep and that's not normal,” said Fernandez as he watched the video from Saturday night.

It shows a man dumping something from his bag on the front step of the Hearthside Candle shop in Ralston.

It's something that's left Fernandez stumped.

"We are a meta-physical shop and this was kind of the meta-physical equivalent of leaving a dead fish on someone's doorstep. It's meant as a threat," said Fernandez.

He says that threat could bring bad luck to his business, including a lack of customers.

"The fact that this person would do this and get caught doing it is just pretty stupid," Fernandez.

He says his focus is now to step up security. Since the incident, he has installed a new surveillance camera.

"We went and talked to people today to see if anybody had seen anything, and the community has really rallied behind us since we got here,” said Fernandez.

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