Man creates community garden that gives free fruits and vegetables

One seed can make all the difference, and now one man behind a community garden in South Omaha is spreading that message.

He is giving those who help with the garden free fruits and vegetables.

It may be too early to start gardening, but Mark Elworth is already preparing for spring.

"It was really run down, but it really changed the neighborhood bringing this up,” he said.

Elworth started his South Omaha community garden three years ago and says it has become something like his baby.

"It gives us the room to do what we want with it," he said.

Every day, anywhere from four to 20 people spend minutes to hours out in the garden.

"It's just a lot more positive around here," Elworth said.

They grow everything from vegetables to fruit, depending on the season.

"We will put some signs up that say ‘please come pick it,’” said Elworth, who says what makes his garden different from the rest.

There's no cost to stop by and pick up some goodies. You can take whatever you want.

"It's been a great seeing so many happy faces, we've got to meet every day, from the neighborhood all around,” Elworth said.

That is why he plans to expand the garden in the future.

If you would like to volunteer, please follow this link.

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