Man in stolen car rams police cruiser, Council Bluffs police say

(MGN Online)

Two men were arrested after police say the driver of a stolen car rammed an officer’s cruiser Monday afternoon.

At around 12:30, offers noticed a Mercedes that they believed was stolen from previous notifications near the area of 8th street and 2nd Avenue.

The car pulled into the parking lot of HyVee drug store from 8th street, circled the parking lot and started heading south toward the exit.

Officers pulled in front of and behind the car, boxing it in.

Police say the driver, Mickey Scott, noticed the officer behind him, accelerated in reverse and struck the push bumper of the police cruiser. This caused minor damage to Scott's car and no observed damage to the cruiser.

Scott refused to open the door when instructed, police say.

Officers broke the driver side window out and removed Scott from the car. He was taken into custody without further incident.

Scott, 39, was arrested for operating the stolen vehicle, a felony warrant out of Nebraska and felony forgery, as police say several fake ID cards were located in the car and Scott admitted to printing them.

His passenger Anthony Orsi, 31, was also arrested for a felony warrant out of Nebraska.

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