Man leads standoff with police, standing on top of car


    According to Omaha Police Dispatch, police took a man into custody after a crash on 64th and Center street in Omaha.

    A man was pinned in his car after the vehicle he was driving crashed and flipped on its side.

    The injured man, then climbed out on top of the car and was in a brief standoff with police.

    Omaha police say it all started with the man and a woman fighting, although police say they don't know yet if the woman was inside the car during the crash.

    Officers do say she ran inside a nearby restaurant while the man faced off with police on the car.

    During the standoff, police say the man was armed with a knife and threatened to cut himself.

    Eventually they say he did cut himself, but not badly.

    A video shows the man falling on top of the car.
    At which point, police took him in to custody.

    Police took him to Bergan Mercy. They say he is expected to get better.

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