Man reunites with teenagers who helped save his life

Man reunites with teenagers who helped save his life

LA VISTA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-A La Vista man is giving thanks to two 17-year-old kids.

"They may not know it, but they're my angels," Bob Pecha said. "For what you guys did, I could never repay you, I mean that."

Pecha was knocked off his motorcycle by an accused drunk driver. The driver did not stop after hitting Pecha. It happened near 72nd and Main Streets Saturday night.

"The car just came up right behind him and smashes it, he just kept on driving like nothing really happened," Enrique Avalos said.

Seventeen-year-old Kristina Ridner rushed to Pecha's side.

When she stopped to help me and make sure I was breathing and he also took it upon himself to chance the person who hit me means a lot to me," Pecha said.

Pecha has bruises, cuts and a cracked tailbone. He tells FOX 42 that doctors can't do anything about it. However, he says he has a new outlook on life.

"It's going to change me as a person," Pecha said.

Pecha says his healing process started when he met Enrique and Kristina.

"When I knew that CNAs helped me, took the time out to help, a guy they didn't know means the world to me."

This reunion is not only closure for Pecha, but for two teens too.

"All yesterday, I was looking on Facebook trying to find them," Kristina said. "I'm just glad that he is OKAY and he's going to get better."

"It's just like a miracle, a lot of things could have happened, things could have gone a whole different way," Enrique said.

Pecha says the two are his best friends, it began the moment he learned their names.

Pecha tells FOX 42 news that if the teens need a medical job in the future, he can get them a foot in the door.

Police say the driver was arrested for a DUI and leaving the scene of a crash.

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