Mechanic has tips to prep your car for summertime road trip

Mechanic has tips to prep your car for summertime road trip

Joe Hilton has one big passion for cars.

"My first car was a 69 Ford Fairlane and I couldn't afford to take it anywhere, so I started fixing it myself," said Hilton.

It's why he knows his stuff, and wants you to be worry free when you hit the open road this memorial day weekend.

"There are a couple of things that are really important," said Hilton.

He says one of the first things you should check is your engine coolant.

"Not only does it transfer the heat from the engine and prevent the engine from over heating, if the system's low, it can cause the thermostat to not open correctly," said Hilton.

And if that happens, he says it could just leave you stranded.

"Other things that are really important that are kind of part of the cooling system but aren't, making sure your serpentine belt is good shape and good tension," said Hilton.

That belt controls a lot of important things under the hood.

"You'll know if you have a problem with your belt because you'll start your car or truck and in the morning, and it'll squeal a bit in the morning," said Hilton.

He says of course check your tires, and tire pressure.

You can usually you can find the right number printed on the inside of your driver side door.

Your comfort is important too.

He says don't forget to check your air conditioning system before you leave.

You could be low on Freon.

On newer cars, Hilton says it could actually be a different problem.

"If you set your car at 65 degrees or 73 degrees," he said, "It'll move that door and change the amount of cool air that's flowing through, and if something like that is malfunctioning it could make it seem like the air conditioning is not working."

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