Medicaid Expansion a possible reality for Nebraskans

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July 5th was the last day to collect signatures for the Medicaid Expansion plan.

According to the Secretary of State 85,000 signatures were needed for the plan to be put on the November ballot.

Leaders of the petition push "Insure the Good Life" and "Nebraska Appleseed" said they got more than 130,000 signatures in the three months of petition circulation.

However there is still a lot more to be done before the groups can call it a win.

Each signature has to go through multiple checks and this process could take months.

The petition even got attention from the big dogs in Nebraska government.

Senator and Governor hopeful Bob Krist said in a statement, "Unlike my opponent, Governor Ricketts, I fully support and will vote yes to provide healthcare to over 90,000 hard-working, vulnerable Nebraskans who are currently unable to afford healthcare of their own."

But Governor Pete Ricketts, who is against the expansion also issued a statement through his campaign team.

"Governor Ricketts has expressed his concern for those currently served by Medicaid should the program be expanded. The decision ultimately rests with the Nebraska voters."

According to "Insure the Good Life" federal funds of 1.1 billion dollars already paid in by Nebraska workers will pay for 90 percent of the expansion.

The remaining 10 percent the group said will be paid for by the state.

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