Members of Nebraska mental health group ask for help to stop closure

Members of Nebraska mental health group ask for help to stop closure

Save NAMI Nebraska

OMAHA, Neb. — Tami Cox choked back tears Sunday over the thought that her support group could permanently stop.

"We won't be as well as we are without it," said Cox. "It's a life saver."

For two decades now, she's been going to NAMI Nebraska meetings at Immanuel in Omaha. They're part of the states chapter of National Alliance on Mental Illness.

"I went and it was like I said, my first thought was wow I'm not alone," said Cox.

She says she's struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past.

She still deals with depression and anxiety, and relies on her cat Smokey to help between meetings.

Hear fear though is that Nami Nebraska could close by the summer if nothing is done.

Cox says the group has fallen onto hard times financially.

The funds used for Nami Nebraska and other nonprofit organizations in within the state were trimmed from the budget in Lincoln.

Leaders say the group is now losing out on $32k in government grant money. Nami Nebraska also needs to raise about $100k in outside donations to be able to stay open for another year and a half.

"Honestly it saves a lot of state funding because people will come to us rather than go to medicaid or medicare services," said Cox.

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