Metro students walk out of class in support of school safety and against gun violence

Mercy High administrators held a school prayer out in the hallways

OMAHA, Neb (FOX 42 KPTM)-- Wednesday morning marked one month since a gunman walked into a Parkland, Florida high school and opened fire.

17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Students across the country, including in the metro, marked the day with walkouts and 17 minutes of silence.

At Omaha's Mercy High, students lined the school hallways in prayer. It was a school-sanctioned act, but as that wrapped up, about two dozen girls walked out of the school and stood in silence outside.

They stayed there for 17 minutes.

One of the girls tells Fox 42 News, she may get detention for walking out.

At Millard North High School, more than 100 students dressed in blue gathered around the flagpole, where they stayed for 17 minutes.

"We are all here, out here together, these are the game changers, these are the change makers ao let's take the action upon ourselves as students and as educated individuals to help influence the policy that we want to see in our own buildings."

Some students carried signs, and some wore orange pins in support of the national movement.

"By walking out today, I showed I was unified with my school and I showed I don't want this to ever happen again."

Students say they want tougher gun laws and want to feel protected in a place that should be the most secure.

"Yes, I'm in rage, yes, I'm furious that our lawmakers are looking at students and telling us we don't know enough to be able to influence the policies that are affecting us."

For Millard North student Brooke Wilczewski, the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School holds a special place in her heart

She has a friend who goes to that school and was right in the mix of last month's shooting.

"After seeing everything that was happening to her and talking to her a day after it happened to her, I kind of realized I needed to do something."

"How many times does this have to happen again in order to make a change and what can we do to make this better."

Brownell Talbot students asked administrators to help them organize an event to mark the month since the shooting.

Students met in the gym and invited speakers to talk about school shootings and gun violence.

Students there said it's important to them to keep shootings from happening in the future.

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