Millard Public Schools teacher dies unexpectedly


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - A local middle school teacher died unexpectedly Tuesday.

David Markley was killed while driving to work in the morning. According to Millard Public Schools, Markley suffered a heart attack and then crashed on Blair High Road near State Street.

Markley was a science teacher and taught at Kiewit Middle School for the past ten years. Word of his death came as a shock to the district.

"School is like family," said Dr. Jim Sutfin, Millard superintendent. "When you have a teacher that loves kids, kids love that teacher back. That's the epitome of David Markley. He loved kids and we're really, really sad for the loss."

Markley's death comes just six months after the death of another Millard Public Schools teacher. Last August, Brett Rhodes was killed in a crash near 204th and F Streets.

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