Mobile app allows you to report potholes in Omaha

Mobile phone app allows you to report potholes in Omaha

OMAHA,NE(FOX42KPTM)-It's a new mobile app that allows you to report potholes in Omaha. You can even check to see if your request has been reviewed.

Terence Davis has lived in Omaha his entire life. He says the pothole problem isn't improving.

"Just got to drive slow because I don't want to ruin suspension in my car," he said.

Every year a number of calls roll through the city's office about potholes. However, Davis tells FOX 42 he's never called to complain.

"I don't know how, is there a number to call them or something,"Davis said.

Anyone can call 402-444-5220, but FOX 42 told Davis about a fairly new app.

"Let me know the app and ill put it on my cell."

It's called Omaha Mobile. The app allows you to report potholes any time of the day. The request is sent directly to the city's list of work orders. Davis says this app comes in handy while he's out on the road.

"When I do see those potholes, go to my cell."

The app is available for IPhone and Android users. Here's a link to the description.

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