Mobile fingerprint device helps State Troopers


It's called a Mobile Afis Device.

It's a small handheld device that law enforcement uses to figure out a person'd identity.

State Trooper Tom Hicken has the device in his cruiser and said he's used it for multiple different reasons.

The device can be used to find out the identity of a person in a fatal crash, someone who is lying about their identity, the status of someone's citizenship or the name of a person with no identification on hand.

But this device only works if you are already in the system.

How that works, you must have an arrest record or have a gun permit.

Trooper Hicken said this device is so fast and easy, it has been a huge help to Troop A.

There are 26 mobile afis devices in Nebraska and 10 of them are controlled by Nebraska State Patrol Troop A.

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