Mom and son share their journey after being introduced to a life-changing program

Mom and son share their journey after being introduced to a program that was life-changing

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-It was 19 years ago when Monique Cribbs found out she was pregnant. During that time, she was a college student and a member of the program Partnership 4 Kids. Mentors of the program inspired Cribbs to not give up and continue to pursue her dreams throughout the pregnancy.

"I personally was devastated because I had promised my mom and dad I would be the first to graduate and not have children," Cribbs said. "Everyday I wanted to drop out, I cried almost daily."

Partnership 4 Kids is a goal setting and group mentoring program that builds hope for under-served students and helps them create a foundation for success from kindergarten to careers. It serves students who are economically challenged, those who may come from a non-traditional family, who are at-risk, who are struggling with language barriers or who are dealing with disabilities.

"They basically helped me all the way through, because they saw the potential in me to go to college."

Cribbs said although she struggled, she kept pressing forward to accomplish her dreams.

"I made promises to my son, before I even had him that this would not be our life."

As of today, Cribbs sits with her 2018 high school graduate, Cayden. He is currently a member of the program too.

"Cayden is truly my heart, I love my son through everything, I'm so proud of him."

However, Cayden is not the only one graduating this year. Cribbs will be graduating with a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Higher Education from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln in December 2018.

"Graduating together means a lot."

Cribbs tells FOX 42 that her goal was to break the cycle and she's grateful that she accomplished that goal.

Cayden will graduate from Omaha North High School on May 23rd. He will attend University of Kansas to study architecture in the fall.

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