MUD customers could see an 8% water rate increase next year


    Metropolitan Utilities District customers could be facing another water rate increase in 2019 and this one is a lot higher than those in the past.

    The utility management is asking for a 7.9% rate increase for average residential customers.

    The request will go before MUD board members Wednesday morning at the monthly meeting.

    The rate hike would kick in on January 2nd.

    Managers say it would raise about $11.3 million in extra revenue in 2019.

    They say most customers would see their bills go up by $2.30 a month.

    MUD documents say the rate increase is necessary to help replace water mains around the city.

    Water industry best practices suggest replacing 1% of waters a year, which would be about 30 miles for the MUD district, according to board documents.

    Managers say MUD is only replacing about seven miles a year right now while spending $7.5 million every year to fix main breaks.

    Documents show the managers think it will take six years to get up to the ideal replacement rate.

    Anyone can attend the public meeting at the headquarters at 1723 Harney street. It starts at 8:15 a.m. Wednesday. The meeting will also be streamed here:

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