Mysterious notes in Papillion traced to prank phone call podcast


PAPILLION, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - At first, it seems like a thoughtful act. Someone calling himself Roy appears to admit to hitting your car and wants to make things right. There's a phone number on the short message.

"Other people on the street and around the neighborhood have gotten the note, too," said Brandon Kurtz, who found a note on his car.

As we found out, however, the note is not genuine.

"There's so many different ways people scam people these days."

After we ran this story on Tuesday, lots of viewers pointed us to a podcast. It's called and it features prank phone calls. It's hosted by someone named Bradley Carter. If a picture on the website looks familiar, it should. Happy Dingtember calls attention to the exact situation playing out right now in Papillion.

"The reports started on Tuesday of this week," said Lieutenant Jerry Prazan with the Papillion Police Department.

The department told FOX 42 News Friday it really can't stop anybody from putting notices on cars, unless they're doing it on private property.

"There may be a trespassing violation if they're going onto other people's property without permission."

We tried to reach out to Carter Friday, but we could not get in touch with him.

"We believe they care probably phishing for some information off of the phone number that they receive from the callback," said Lt. Prazan.

Before calling the number on the note, Papillion police recommend thinking twice about that.

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