National Weather Service meteorologist explains why it's so cold


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Wintertime has come and gone, but it's still pretty cold outside and forecasters say there's a reason for that.

From rain to wind and snow, just three days into April and the weather in eastern Nebraska has been active.

"Especially this time of year you get such strong storm systems," said Brian Barjenbruch, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

If it feels like a cooler than average spring to you, forecasters say you're right.

"In springtime, we get a lot of change in this part of the country."

From desktop computers where he works, Barjenbruch looks at a few different forecast models. He told FOX 42 News with the exception of Thursday he expects the chilly temperatures to stick around into next week.

"Every now and then pieces of cold air dive south across the plains and that's what's happening on days like today."

Barjenbruch also told FOX 42 News the cold air we're feeling comes from weather systems up north and out west.

"You can even look at ocean temperatures in the Pacific and they are partially to blame for steering the jet stream the way it is."

The weather we're experiencing now isn't entirely unusual. We've seen it before. Remember the snow in Omaha in May of 2013? How about that freezing rain at the end of April just last year?

"If you wait, there's a good chance that conditions will change before too long."

Barjenbruch says that's weather in the Midwest for you.

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