Nebraska craft breweries are being affected by government shutdown


    LA VISTA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - The government shutdown is having a big effect on craft breweries. It's even being felt all across Nebraska.

    In Nebraska, there are currently about 50 craft breweries that call the state home. That includes Kim Kavulak's Nebraska Brewing Company. It's caught in the middle of the shutdown.

    "We have no opportunity to continue our growth."

    No opportunity because the new brews Kavulak has in pipelines need federal approval. That process is getting held up right now.

    "There's an impact beyond just selling the beer across the counter."

    According to the Brewer's Association, craft breweries across the state of Nebraska are a big deal. They're offering up more than 9,000 jobs and that's just a starting point. A recent report shows the industry generates more than $80 million in state and local taxes. The total economic impact is said to be about $465 million. For Kavulak, another frustrating part about the shutdown is the fact her brewing company can't ship new brands outside state lines.

    "The longer this drags on the more impact it begins to have."

    With the shutdown coming up on its 20th day and counting, Kavulak says she can only hope light emerges at the end of a dark tunnel.

    In addition to the established breweries, Kavulak says up-and-coming breweries are also deeply affected by the government shutdown. That's because the owners can't get state licensing until federal licensing is complete. Currently, there are five breweries in planning in the state of Nebraska.

    Brewing experts say craft breweries also do more than just put new life into economies. They also help to revitalize neighborhoods and rural areas.

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