Nebraska football season ends, sweeping changes likely


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - The Nebraska football season is now over. For only the fourth time in the last 55 years the Huskers have finished with a losing record, and that's not sitting well with a lot of fans.

"I'm hoping next year will bring something better," said Bob Peterson, a Nebraska fan.

For Big Red supporters, the offseason comes way too early. The attention is now squarely on what will happen next.

"I'm very disappointed," said Peterson.

It wasn't that long ago Nebraska game days felt like a party atmosphere. Walking into a sports bar there were plenty of high fives to go around, but this Black Friday it was a lot quieter. Seats were still available.

"We need new coaching and a new defensive staff," said Peterson.

For Big Red fans, the future can't come fast enough. The Huskers have ended the year with a losing record ad Head Coach Mike Riley has been on the hot seat since September.

"I would like to see a strong head coach," said Brian Jensen, a Nebraska fan. "It would be interesting to see what a Scott Frost could bring to the team."

Changes to the coaching staff are likely, but for now it's a waiting game as a lot of people are now left to wonder just how different 2018 will look.

Looking ahead to next year, the Huskers will have a tough schedule to say the least. They'll play Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa on the road. They'll also play Michigan State.

If you're wondering about the next Nebraska football games, the annual spring game is scheduled for April 14th. As for the regular season, that will begin September 1st at Memorial Stadium.

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