Neighbors push to make two Dundee crosswalks permanent

Neighbors push to make two Dundee crosswalks permanent

Dundee PTO vice president Tim Carter asked the mayor Monday night about a report the PTO submitted to her office last week.

The document had statistics about the crosswalks at 51st & Farnam and 52nd & Chicago in Omaha.

It also talked about other crosswalks in other communities and the federal money tied to them.

The mayor said the city still needs to do its own research.

"We will study it for an entire year," said mayor Jean Stothert. "We hired an outside consultant to do that. They're going to study those two intersections at multiple different times, weather conditions, they are putting cameras up to study it, so that we will have all the data we feel like we need."

Stothert also talked about getting lawmakers on the state and federal level involved.

In response, Dundee PTO member Trisha Meuret said in an email:

"We are glad the mayor looked through our packet of research and information and appreciate that she is talking with federal officials to confirm that these decisions are up to cities and not dictated by the federal government. We are happy to hear her commit to making Omaha an even more walk-able city."

"We're very passionate about the area. We're very passionate about the safety of our kids," said Jim Vokal who lives in Dundee.

This summer, the mayor did have the crosswalk signals turned back on, but they were turned off for a short time when city stats showed that crosswalk didn't meet the pedestrian numbers required by federal grant guidelines.

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