New bill could help improve Nebraska's neighborhoods

New bill could help improve Nebraska's neighborhoods

For almost five decades now, Elvin Siebert has lived in Omaha's Belvedere Point neighborhood.

"Beautification is always needed," said Siebert, who serves as president of High Neighborhood Association.

On Thursday, state senator Matt Hansen introduced a bill that may just help improve Nebraska's neighborhoods, including Sieberts.

It would allow for NIDs, or Neighborhood Improvement Districts.

"A specific neighborhood, it might have to wait for a project for quiet a while and they were willing to come together and take initiative, this would give them an option to kind of jump start it early," said Hansen.

Similar to a Business Improvement District like Omaha's Blackstone area, under an NID, neighbors would form a board to fund projects, which could include:

  • Sidewalks
  • Overpasses
  • Lighting

"It's going to be easier for us to file for grants and to work for some of the beautification," said Chris K. Green, the vice president of the Belvedere Point neighborhood association.

Under the bill, Sen. Hansen says having an NID could even help with the promotion of public events, and neighborhood watch programs.

Siebert says he likes the idea.

"I would take every effort to make things beautiful in our neighborhoods, state, and country is always a positive," he said.

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