Omaha fire safety campaign says closing your bedroom door can save lives


    Closing your bedroom door at night can help save your life, but it may not be for the reason you think.

    According to the "Close Before You Dose" campaign, three minutes is all the time you have to get out of your home when it becomes engulfed in flames. The Omaha Fire Department is warning people to shut their doors before they go to bed in order to prevent the fire from spreading.

    "You can see in their video the difference between how much smoke goes in," said Battalion Chief Scott Fitzpatrick.

    Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can warn you when you're sleeping but in case of a fire, closing your door is an even better way to help protect yourself before flames take over your room.

    I think after you see it and visualize it (the campaign video), it's a big difference and it shows you how much more time you have.

    Because of some household items are made with synthetic materials, the fires can spread even faster than before. For people using space heaters during the winter, it can also cause fires.

    About 40 years ago, you had about 17 minutes to get out of your house, after the smoke alarm sounded, now you have less than 3 minutes.

    Video footage from Underwriters Laboratories shows the campaign "Close Before You Doze", explaining how important this small change to your nightly routine can be; keeping your family and pets safe.

    The Omaha Fire Department strongly encourages that people have a carbon monoxide detector inside your home and avoid using extension cords if you have space heaters as well.

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