New move over law in Iowa to take effect July 1st


    COUNCIL BLUFFS, Ia (FOX42KPTM) - Iowa's new move over law will take effect this upcoming Sunday. The general rule of thumb here is that if you see flashing emergency lights you need to either change lanes or slow down.

    "We take it very seriously," said Rose Ives, a trooper with the Iowa State Patrol.

    A video posted by the Iowa State Patrol on its Facebook page shows exactly why.

    "It's pretty scary when you're on the side of the road and somebody blows by you at high speeds. It gets your heart rate up."

    The move over law first took effect in Iowa back in 2002. It requires drivers to change lanes when approaching emergency vehicles stopped on the road. Last year, the law was expanded to include utility vehicles. Now, it will apply to all vehicles with flashing emergency lights.

    "Not just for us," said Ives. "It's people out there changing their tires, it's people that are helping other people and it's tow truck drivers."

    If you get caught violating the law and you get pulled over, you can expect a fine of close to $200.

    Ives told FOX 42 News Friday the state patrol strictly enforces the move over law. Last year, troopers issued nearly 300 tickets to drivers caught breaking that law.

    "It's our lives that are on the line out there."

    As the video on the Iowa State Patrol's Facebook page shows, things can get out of hand quickly if you aren't courteous to other people.

    In Nebraska, a move over law took effect in 2009. It requires drivers to move over if they come across an emergency vehicle parked on a multi-lane road.

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