New proposal could impact local secondhand stores


James Kavan is the owner of The Imaginarium.

The local antique and novelty shop has been an Old Market treasure for 8 years.

But with a new city ordinance, his shop could be facing major changes.

The ordinance being proposed is meant to defer criminals from selling stolen goods to pawn shops and antique stores.

Stores and shops would be required to inspect items, check ID and take a picture of the seller as well as fingerprint and send all receipts to police.

Metro Pawn in Council Bluffs adopted the ordinance last year.

Owner, David Drake said the changes didn’t negatively affect his business but Kavan believes it will.

Drake said he approves of the ordinance.

He said if the playing field is level on the pawn shop side and antique shops side, criminals won’t be able to find a loophole to sell their stolen goods.

Those in charge of the ordinance hope this will prevent those goods from being stolen in the first place if there is no place to sell them.

But Kavan said those criminals are already breaking multiple laws to get the stolen goods so what is one more law going to do to stop them.

The initial meeting for the hearing of the ordinance was scheduled for Tuesday but was pushed back until further notice.

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