New sign in Elmwood Park urges the city to spray dandelions, but some neighbors disagree

New sign in Elmwood Park urges the city to spray dandelions, but some neighbors disagree

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-A new sign in the Elmwood Park neighborhood is surfacing around the area. The sign urges people to call city officials asking them to spray for dandelions and weeds.

"We're in the process of going through and spraying," Brook Bench said. He is the City of Omaha Parks and Recreation Director.

"We have ball fields, golf courses, all the other areas in town that we try to maintain, that we try to keep nice."

However, there are quite a few neighbors who are not happy with this decision.

"Dandelions actually use to be used for food and they're actually very nutrient and they're good for the soil," Jenny Ranne said. She lives near 50th and Farnam Streets.

She saw the sign on Facebook after another person who's against it made the post. Most people agreed that killing the dandelions would affect the bees.

"The bees rely on them," Ranne said.

Bench says they already have a plan in place for the bees.

"We're in the process of building a pollinator park right now," he said. "I understand what they do for all of our flowers and all the things that happen in this area."

Ranne tells FOX 42 that she's more concerned about the chemicals.

"The fact that they want to spray the chemicals in the park where we play all the time was not okay with me," she said. If you're going to remove weeds, don't use the stuff that is going to be harmful to people."

"It's not like we spray repeatedly, each park only get sprayed once a year," Bench said.

For Ranne, it's not about how many times they spray, it's spraying at all.

"As a parent and someone in the community, I just want them to have more safe options."

City officials say they have over 10,000 acres of park land to cover. They say spraying is based off priority.

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