New stats show number of 'slip and fall' injuries up in the metro


Hospitals say they've had their share of injuries after the most recent icing in the metro.

Management at CHI said 81 people were treated for slips and falls since Thursday morning. Over at Nebraska Medicine, doctors say they've treated 22 people.

Gaetano Moirano says he'll admit it. He's gone down on the ice maybe just a few times as a Zamboni driver and hockey player.

He says it's what helped him learn a few things about walking on slippery surfaces.

"A lot of it is not having the proper balance," said Moirano, who works at Moylan Iceplex in west Omaha.

Some people who ended up at the hospital this week were treated for broken hips, kneecaps. and injuries to the spine, among other issues.

"Make sure you have a nice firm base when you're walking on the ice keeping your weight in the lower body," said Moirano. "It keeps your mass pointed down on the ice instead of going forward."

He says take it slow, and if there's something to grab on to, do it.

"it's important to observe your surroundings too," said Moirano.

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